Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Where am I? Who is this Person?

W.A.L.T describe a setting and a Person without giving away who is the person or where am I.


My eyelids drooped and my head felt heavy on my neck as I tried to shake off my sleepiness.
“Hurry up and brush your teeth!” my mum shouted. After brushing my pearly white teeth, I dragged my feet out of the bathroom and into another room. 10:00pm, my alarm clock read. Looking out of my window, I noticed pitch black darkness. Cold air kissed my cheek as I opened my wardrobe. The strong scent of the dinner we had wafted through my door as I changed lazily into my pajamas.

Where am I?


You can hear this person from Mt. Everest. She’s that loud!!!! Most people think this person is very annoying including me. When you meet her you can tell that she has a very strong personality. She has a small group of friends and goes to the same school as us. Let’s be honest, she does not like me!!! We both have a strong sense of competition and I try not to let this person beat me in anything!

Who is this person?

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  1. Well done Nikita!!! I like the way you described the characters and added hints but didn't make to obvious.