Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Wordy Fairy Tale - FREE VERSE POEM

In our class, Room 2 have been writing free-verse poems. We chose a topic that we wanted to write about, we could rhyme and we had to make sure we didn't add any key words. Can you guess what my poem is about?!


Curled up on the couch, the covers over my head in a blanket burrito.
My eyes glisten with anticipation, waiting for the sound of tyres running along the gravelly path.
My dad coming back from my sanctuary.
A place full of imagination galore.

Finally, I hear the fateful sound.
It makes my tummy jump around.
I want to leap out of my makeshift bed but comfort on the couch is too precious to give up.
I wait in glee, the excitement is definitely getting to me.

I’ve finally got the bag of treasures.
My heart pounds as I pick up the first one.
I slowly open it.
It’s almost like it weighs a tonne.
My eyes drift from word to word.
Vocabulary comes alive on the ivory sheets.
The characters envelop me.
I’m suddenly in another world, their world.
I don’t want to go back but that’s harder than it seems.

Quick break then back on.
I’ve just gotten to the good part.
The room is all quiet.

Now this is the life!!!!

REFLECTION: I like how I used harder vocabulary so that I could appeal to my audience (adults) a bit better. My next step is to make sure it makes sense and not to over pack my poem.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Where am I? Who is this Person?

W.A.L.T describe a setting and a Person without giving away who is the person or where am I.


My eyelids drooped and my head felt heavy on my neck as I tried to shake off my sleepiness.
“Hurry up and brush your teeth!” my mum shouted. After brushing my pearly white teeth, I dragged my feet out of the bathroom and into another room. 10:00pm, my alarm clock read. Looking out of my window, I noticed pitch black darkness. Cold air kissed my cheek as I opened my wardrobe. The strong scent of the dinner we had wafted through my door as I changed lazily into my pajamas.

Where am I?


You can hear this person from Mt. Everest. She’s that loud!!!! Most people think this person is very annoying including me. When you meet her you can tell that she has a very strong personality. She has a small group of friends and goes to the same school as us. Let’s be honest, she does not like me!!! We both have a strong sense of competition and I try not to let this person beat me in anything!

Who is this person?

"My Old Attic" Descriptive Writing

This week we were learning how to structure our descriptive writing by describing a place. To do this we used the writing frame/mnemonic ISSFSOW; different sentence starters like Verbs/Gerunds, Prepositions and Adverbs; interesting vocabulary and using the right tense. This is what I came up with:


My old attic used to be my hangout. It was the only place where I felt safe. - Introduction to Place.
Walking in, you could immediately tell that I had tried cleaning up but had failed miserably. Scattered crumbs were hidden in every nook and cranny of the room. - Sight
Clouds of ash and dust filled the air so I could hardly smell anything. It was the only bad thing about the attic! - Smell
It would take a bit of time but I swear, eventually you could find anything in there. When I was younger I felt as if the attic was a treasure chest full of different prizes. - Feel
Throughout the house, joyous sounds always echoed when friends came over to play in the attic. It always made you want to join in!!! - Sound
Aggressively, old kindergarten paintings were strewn everywhere as if a baby threw them because it didn’t like them anymore. - Observation
Even if our old attic is gone, some of my best memories happened there and I will never forget it. The attic was the best thing in the world. Don’t you think? - Wrap it Up

REFLECTION: I liked the way I tried to use the writing frame: ISSFSOW to the best of my ability and used different sentence starters. My next step is to use interesting vocabulary that I don't normally use.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Speech Judging Sheet 2017

Speech Judging Sheet 2017

Name: Nikita        Topic: How to Successfully Annoy Your Siblings!!!                       
Main Points

Self Assessment
Low                                         High
1           2           3           4           5

My speech was organised logically into paragraphs, with an effective introduction and a conclusion.


I used some gestures, stood still and made eye contact with my audience.

My voice was clear and loud.  I didn’t speak too quickly or too slowly.

My speech had a message and was original, interesting and relevant to the audience.


I used ‘powerful’ words in my speech.  I also included some language features (eg repetition, alliteration, similes etc)


My speech was between 2 ½ and 3 ½ minutes long.



Next time I need to:  Speak a bit slower and louder so people can understand me and so I don’t mix up my word endings.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017



Siblings . . . Have you ever fought or argued with your siblings? Wait a minute. What kind of question is that? Of course you have. No matter what age you or your siblings are, you will argue. According to research, siblings all around the world argue 3.5 times an hour. It’ll get a bit better once you grow up, but even then you’ll argue at least once. I believe from the bottom of my heart that we need to take action and get revenge on our siblings. This is the Epic Guide on HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY ANNOY YOUR SIBLINGS!!!

I can honestly say that no matter how hard you try you can not get rid of your siblings. For example, when I was younger I tried to leave my sister in the house alone. Harsh, I know but hey! I was only 5 years old. Even if we can’t get rid of them we can still pester them just like they pester us. To start, it’s important to take baby steps. Start with something small and simple. Whenever they talk, copy them until they want to scream. Of course that might backfire on you when they say something bad and you can’t just copy them and say the same thing yourself.  Research shows that about 75% of the time siblings mimic each other. That means that I’ve spent about half of my life annoying my sister, just by imitating her.  
Another easy and small way to annoy your siblings is to muck around. If your sibling asks you something, you can respond back with a ridiculous question like ‘Where do frogs come from?.’  It drives them completely crazy.

Now, don’t misread my message! I’m not trying to say that siblings are bad. Scientists say that having a sibling can give you great life skills like cooperation, leadership and negotiation. After hearing that, don’t you agree that siblings are actually kind of cool? For example, last year my sister persuaded my parents to buy us a tablet. I think that’s great but don’t tell my sister. She’d never let me live it down.

Siblings can be very annoying but they can be friendly as well. Remember my tips and advice are only meant to be used as a last resort. If your sibling ever bothers you, tell them to go away and ask an adult for help. If you do use my advice, keep in mind to start with something simple so you get the hang of it. Just remember to be grateful for your siblings. I know that may seem weird, after all your siblings don’t do much for you but as you grow older you’ll learn more about your siblings and how awesome they are. So, use my tips are for good use and remember siblings  . . . BEWARE!!!

REFLECTION: I liked the way I memorised my speech very well and used expression and eye contact. My next step is to speak a bit slower and louder so people can understand me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Samoan Advertisement

W.A.L.T Create an advertisement to advertise and showcase Samoa.

We had to create an advertisement to advertise Samoa. We first looked at travel websites to see how they portrayed Samoa, we then got started. We used Samoan Words in our ads to give it more emphasis.

REFLECTION: I liked the way I used a lot of Samoan Words to persuade people to go to Samoa. My next step is to use a lot more detail and persuasive techniques.


Key Competencies
(The capabilities required for living and lifelong learning)

Halsey Drive School
                    A = Almost Always
                                                               S = Sometimes
                                                          N = Not yet
1st Half Of The Year
2nd Half Of The Year
Managing Self

I am organised for the day

I am willing to try new things

I complete work to the best of my ability and show initiative

I begin work straight away, stay on task and work independently

I can set realistic goals and explain how to achieve them

I make sensible behaviour choices

I happily take part in all school activities

Relating to Others

I cooperate well with others when working

I treat others with respect

I am a good friend and role model - especially at break times

I show good manners and cooperate with others

Participating and Contributing

I share my ideas and opinions with others

I listen well to other people’s opinions

I take part in activities outside of the classroom


I ask relevant questions to deepen my knowledge

I reflect on my own learning and say what I need to learn next

Language Symbols and Texts

I use a range of IT to share my learning